Episode 100

The 100th episode!

In this episode:

Over more than three and a half years and fifty thousand plus downloads, the TriDoc podcast has delivered entertaining interviews and informative reviews of the science behind all manner of products marketed to endurance athletes. Now, in my one hundredth episode it is time for me to pause and take a look back in order to once again help you see through the advertising ploys and red flags used to separate you from your hard earned money and review what doesn't work as well as the few things that are worth your time.


[04:31]- A look back through what works and what doesn't

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The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place
A fresh take on all things triathlon with a special focus on health and wellness topics. Train hard, train healthy.

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Jeffrey Sankoff

Jeff Sankoff is an emergency physician, multiple Ironman finisher and the TriDoc. Jeff owns TriDoc Coaching and is a coach with LifeSport Coaching. Living in Denver with his wife and three children, Jeff continues to race triathlons while producing the TriDoc podcast.